Angela Lyos Braun Meditation

Vedic Meditation is one of the most effective antidotes to the stress and tension that is so prevalent in our lives today.

It is a way to boost our health, mental aptitude and our level of happiness. It enlivens us, it opens our awareness and creativity, and gives us the opportunity to tap into the infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence that is within us. Meditating daily produces immediate and cumulative benefits. It is easy yet profound

Vedic Meditation is an effortless eyes closed technique practiced sitting easily twice daily for 20 mins. It differs from other forms of meditation that require concentration or mental training.

It uses a simple and ancient way to quiet the mind and settle the physiology, leading to deep levels of rest.

Once these levels of deep rest are attained, stress naturally leaves the body and we experience a quietness, a supreme inner contentedness or Bliss, and we are restored and rested.

When we practice Vedic Meditation, not only are we resting the body and releasing layers of stress, we are also expanding our ability to adapt to the needs around us.

People come to learn Vedic Meditation to release stress, relieve anxiety, improve health, increase cognitive ability, improve relationships and much more. The benefits are numerous.

If you are curious about learning to meditate, please leave your details to receive a call to have your questions answered. Regular courses are available in Sydney NSW and elsewhere upon request. +61 413 077 575